2017-18 Western Australia Vegetable Industry Benchmarks – Webinar

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Bryn Edwards, Benchmarking Lead for vegetablesWA, and Paul Omodei, Director of Planfarm, present the 2017-18 Western Australia Vegetable Industry Benchmarks. In this webinar presentation, Bryn and Paul discuss the following topics:

– Key insights from the FY 2017-18 Benchmarking initiative
– General overview of vegetable production across WA during FY 2017-18
– Key vegetable business financial performance metrics and findings during FY 2017-18
– Insights in the performance of the Top 25% most profitable growers during FY 2017-18
– Comparison of FY 2017-18 against FY 2016-17
– Questions and answer – this also include tips for how to improve performance for the Bottom 25%

This free service is now open to all Western Australian vegetable growers to review FY 2018-19. To get involved please email bryn.edwards@vegetableswa.com.au

To listen to the webinar click here https://youtu.be/4wEgcMxU5vs

To download a full copy of report, go to: http://bit.ly/2KuW8Wi