Attend the Annual Vegetable Industry Seminar during Hort Connections 2019

By February 26, 2019 No Comments

Held during Hort Connections, AUSVEG manages and facilitates a vegetable-levy funded seminar aimed at research and development into the vegetable industry. This seminar is titled the Annual Vegetable Industry Seminar 2019. The seminar will take place at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from 12-4pm, as a precursor to Hort Connections.

With a focus on new innovations in horticulture from world renowned experts in the field, as well as vegetable export content, and overall topical issues facing vegetable growers, the Annual Vegetable Industry Seminar 2019 will showcase a variety of ideas that are at the leading edge of the industry. Growers will get an insight into technologies, export advisement and business strategies that will allow them to become more efficient, more productive and ultimately more profitable.

As part of a vegetable levy payers’ attendance at the seminar, funding is available to cover two-nights’ accommodation as well as return flights. Funded positions are limited, so growers are encouraged to get in as quickly as possible. Grower participants are encouraged to contact AUSVEG by phone on 03 9882 0277, fax on 03 9882 6722 or email info@hortconnections.com.au to express their interest in participating in the seminar.

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