AUS-QUAL Pty Ltd – Notification of Change of Delivery Service

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The Senior Management of AUS-QUAL Pty Ltd, in conjunction with the Freshcare and HARPS Program Managers have reviewed and taken into careful consideration, their capacity to take on any further BRAND NEW Freshcare/HARPS clients. They have discussed that in order to provide the correct level of service to our existing client base that we need to be proactive and responsible. As such they have decided that they have reached capacity and we will currently not be taking on any BRAND NEW Freshcare/HARPS clients.

They will continue to service our existing client base and any existing Freshcare sites already with AUS-QUAL will be accommodated if adding HARPS provided that the site provides sufficient notification to our office that they need to add HARPS certification to their current Freshcare audit. We require a minimum of 4 months’ notice or we may not be able to service the request.

• AUS-QUAL will continue to accept applications for Brand New Freshcare only audits
• AUS-QUAL cannot currently accommodate any Brand New Freshcare + HARPS audits
• AUS-QUAL will continue to service its existing client base and any existing sites that are Freshcare Only requiring HARPS will be accommodated but we ask that the sites notify AUS-QUAL as early as possible to identify that HARPS need to be added to the audit schedule.

AUS-QUAL continues to be committee to providing certification services to industry and wants to focus on providing exceptional service to our client base. Their decision is for the interim and they will notify industry if they are able to again take on new Freshcare + HARPS sites in the future.

For further queries please contact AUS-QUAL directly:

Contact information for Freshcare is:

Kamran Durrani
Freshcare Program Manager
0402 843 854

Contact information for HARPS is:

Annmarie Schwanke
SQF Program Manager