Biosecurity Alert for Growers of Onions, Garlic, Leeks

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White rot confirmed in Allium species in Perth

vegetablesWA have been notified by DAFWA (John Van Schagen, Chief Plant Biosecurity Officer) that white rot has been confirmed as being present in garlic from a backyard in Bentley.

DAFWA are investigating suspect symptoms from a backyard in Duncraig and a backyard in the hills. This is the first time the White rot fungus (Sclerotium cepivorum) has been confirmed in WA. Mr Van Schagen said the infected plants have been propagated from previous years’ crops which suggests the disease has been present for some time. The cold, damp spring has probably provided the conditions for the organism to develop to the point of being noticed. These backyard growers will be advised to destroy the crop and not plant Allium species back in that area for many years.

This disease is widespread in some other states and it has been kept out of WA through strong quarantine protocols. It is a devastating disease that can be spread by water and by soil. Now that it has been confirmed in WA, Allium growers are recommended to implement a Biosecurity Plan to prevent it from coming onto their properties. A document to help with developing a Biosecurity Plan can be accessed here.

Further information about White Rot of Alliums can be found on the DAFWA website. The disease looks like:

Collector's name: Dowling , Place collected: Middle Swan , Found on: garlic , Date collected: 20 October 2016

Place collected: Middle Swan , Found on: garlic , Date collected: 20 October 2016

Collector's name: , Place collected: , Found on: , Date collected:

Please contact DAFWA using the links below, if you believe you’ve seen a disease in your Allium crop that matches the information and photos on the website.

  • Report any suspect signs of white rot immediately to DAFWA’s Pest and Disease Information Service on 1800 084 881.
  • Alternatively, download DAFWA’s MyPestGuide Reporter app to your smart phone, take a photo and follow the prompts on the device.

Or contact Lauren Thompson (0427 373 037) or Truyen Vo (0457 457 559) for addition assistance in developing and implementing a Biosecurity Plan to protect your business.

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