Cucumber virus findings in Mid-West and Carnarvon

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Surveys of the Carnarvon and Geraldton horticulture producing regions have detected the Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus (CGMMV) on additional commercial properties.

The Department of Agriculture and Food has confirmed detections on another four cucumber properties in the Geraldton area, in close proximity to two earlier detections.

The virus has also been detected in Carnarvon on a commercial cucumber crop and in an endemic weed growing on a fenceline between two properties.

Department chief plant protection officer John van Schagen said the detections were made from samples collected during a survey of commercial cucurbit growing properties earlier this month, with assistance from vegetablesWA.

Mr van Schagen said the department was working with impacted growers to develop on-farm biosecurity plans.

“The department continues to work with growers and industry to provide advice on on-farm measures to minimise the risk of spread,” he said.

“Biosecurity measures covered included signage and visitor rules, hygiene procedures and protective equipment.”

Further targeted sampling of the weed species (Mukia maderaspatana) in the Carnarvon area will be done in the next week.

The department will undertake further surveillance of cucurbit properties in Kununurra, Broome and near Perth. Additional surveillance activities, including for melon crops, is scheduled for summer.

CGMMV has been previously detected in the Northern Territory and Queensland.

More information is available from the department website agric.wa.gov.au/cgmmv

Growers or agronomists who notice unusual pest or disease symptoms on plants must report their find to the department’s Pest and Disease Information Service on 1800 084 881.

Growers seeking further information about on-farm biosecurity measures can contact the department’s Geraldton office on +61 8 9956 8555 or vegetablesWA on +61 8 9481 0834.

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