Deemed Weight Lists for Vegetable Fee for Service Calculations

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The Agriculture Produce Commission (APC) has received approval from the Minister for the change in the vegetable Fee For Service (FFS) methodology, with the resultant rate changes effective 1st July 2019.

The new method and rates commence as of 1 JULY 2019.  The below Vegetable FFS Notice shows the new categories and rates which must be applied.  A new APC FFS Form July 2019 (below) form is provided. To further assist with calculations both Coles and Woolworths have provided a copy of the deemed weight listing which are available below.

The APC and the Vegetable Producers Committee (VPC) understands that this is a change for industry and will work with growers, market agents and dealers during the change-over period.

Woolworths Deemed Weight Listing 050719

Coles WA vegetable crate weight Gov copy

Veg FFS Notice – Jul 19

FFS Form July 2019

If you need any assistance in implementing the change please contact Rebecca Blackman or Ingrid Behr (APC) or if you require any assistance completing your APC Vegetable Fee for Service return please contact the APC:

Jennifer Tiong – apcadmin@dpird.wa.gov.au – 9368 3465

Satjinder Kour – apcadmin@dpird.wa.gov.au – 9368 3734