Fruit Fly Management for Vegetable Growers

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Fruit flies are recognised as one of the world’s most serious pests for horticulture. They can breed rapidly, disperse widely and successfully infest most fruit and fruiting vegetables. The larvae not only destroy infested fruit, but are a major quarantine issue for both domestic and international markets.

As an outcome of project VG13042 on “New in-field treatment solutions to control fruit fly” AHR have produced a series of five videos on the strategies growers can use to manage fruit flies in vegetable crops. These focus on the fruit fly lifecycle, monitoring the population, use of protein baiting, MAT and female traps and finally barriers and hygiene.

The information in these videos is explained in more detail in the accompanying “Fruit fly management for vegetable growers” handbook. This is available for download (click here), or printed copies can be obtained directly from AHR. To request a printed copy, follow this link. 

Videos can be viewed by clicking the following links:
Controlling Fruit Fly in Vegetables: (1) Targeted Control
Controlling Fruit Flies in Vegetables: (2) Monitoring
Controlling Fruit Fly in Vegetables: (3) Food Based Baits
Controlling Fruit Fly in Vegetables: (4) Male Annihilation Techniques
Controlling Fruit Fly in Vegetables: (5) Netting
This project has been funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited using the research and development vegetable levy and funds from the Australian Government.

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