Horticulture HR/IR: Your questions answered

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Join Melissa Denning and Stephen Farrell for a discussion on industrial relations, compliance and how growers can efficiently comply with their employment obligations.

Melissa and Stephen have put together a list of resources (below) and are available to answer any specific questions you may have using the contact information below:


Stephen Farrell                                                  
0455 833 352                                                                     

Melissa Denning
0477 477 044

Useful Links:

Two industrial relations system.  Why? Who fits in what system?

  • Federal – Pty Ltd.
  • State – Sole Traders and Partnerships
  • Trusts – depends on who the trustee is


What is an award?

  • Order of Fairwork or WA Industrial Relations Commission.  
  • Minimum legal obligations generally an industry or occupational group.

Main awards pertaining to our industry

Minimum wages at present


  • Federal System – Fairwork Ombudsman
  • State System – Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

What can we do to ensure we meet our obligations?