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Labour scheme facilitator role moves to DPIRD

From August 2, 2021, the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) commenced the management of the Labour Scheme Facilitator role, which historically sat within vegetablesWA.

The role of the labour scheme facilitator grew significantly during 2020 and 2021, largely due to the impact of COVID-19, and was being utilised heavily by other industry sectors experiencing labour shortages, such as tourism and hospitality.

The decision to move this role from vegetablesWA into DPIRD came about after both parties reviewed the current structure of the project and saw an opportunity for a new approach, within DPIRD, which would provide a better solution for all industries, including horticulture and our grower members.

Labour Scheme Facilitator, Kit Sainsbury, has transferred across to DPIRD to continue working as the Labour Scheme Facilitator.

The same contact number for the role will remain – 0477 477 044 – and the e-mail address kit.sainsbury@vegetableswa.com.au will remain active for the immediate future until a future one is enabled.

Click here to learn more about SWP Accommodation
Click here to learn more about the Pacific Labour Scheme & Seasonal Worker Programme

Possible options to recruit workers

Harvest Trail Office

Harvest Trail Services – Rural Enterprises

  • Funded by the Federal Department of Education, Skills and Employment, the Harvest Trail Office is located in Vasse and can assist employers located between Dandaragan and Pemberton
  • Free service to growers
  • Currently has a database of over 800 workers
  • Contact: Bernice: 08 6166 9124 or hts@ruralenterprises.com.au
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Harvest Trail Information Service (HTIS)


  • Funded by the Federal Department of Education, Skills and Employment, the HTIS is located in Mildura and can assist employers in Western Australia that are not covered by the Harvest Trail Office.
  • Free service to growers
  • Has a large online presence
  • Contact: MADEC: 1800 062 332
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Seasonal Worker Programme: Watch now

In this webinar vegetablesWA labour scheme facilitator Melissa Denning explains how the programme works, the benefits and how you can get involved.

Download Labour Hire List

Seasonal Worker Programme (as a direct employer)

Seasonal Worker Programme – Department of Education, Skills and Employment, Australian Government (dese.gov.au)

  • Growers apply to become Approved Employers by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE)
  • Growers must be Pty Ltd companies and pay under the Federal Modern Horticultural Award 2010.
  • The Approval process can take up to 9 months
  • Checks are made with ATP, Immigration and Fairwork to ensure the employer is of good standing
  • Once approved it then takes approximately another 2-3 months to recruit workers
  • Employers are responsible for arranging accommodation, welfare plans and transport for the workers.
  • The programme is very regulated and each employer is usually visited by Fairwork at least once in their first year and at least 4 reports on pay rates are required to be submitted.
  • Workers are guaranteed an average of 30 hours of work over the time of their contract
  • Workers can stay for up to 9 months each year
  • Workers can return year after year
  • Workers are 20-30% more productive in their 2nd year
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Seasonal Worker Programme (via a Labour Hire Company)

  • Some Labour Hire Companies are already approved under the SWP so this can take out the initial approval process period and result in workers arriving quicker.
  • The Labour Hire Company will be the employer of the worker so ensures the workers is paid correctly as per the award.
  • The Labour Hire Company will also make the arrangement for accommodation, transport and welfare checks on the workers
  • Labour Hire companies that currently operate in WA can be found in this link

Primary Industries Workers Regional Travel and Accommodation Support Scheme

The State Government is investing $3 million in the ‘Primary Industries Workers Regional Travel and Accommodation Support Scheme’ to attract young people to work in the regions to help satisfy demand for short-term agricultural jobs, created by the loss of the backpackers’ workforce due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The State Government is providing a rebate of up to $3360 for accommodation costs, with a relocation and travel allowance of up to $500 also available.

Under the scheme, people who relocate more than 100kms from their home to take up agricultural, fisheries or food processing work in the regions will be able to claim a $40 per night accommodation rebate for up to 12 weeks. The rebate will apply to regional accommodation costs incurred from 21 September 2020, to meet the spring/summer horticultural and grains harvest labour demand. A minimum of two weeks verified work is required before a claim can be made.

The Scheme Explained

The Primary Industries Workers Regional Travel and Accommodation Support Scheme will provide targeted assistance to farming, fisheries and food processing businesses in regional areas experiencing labour shortages as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The scheme will provide new opportunities for WA job seekers, encourage regional work and travel, and help people access jobs in the regions.

Activities that can be funded

The funding will provide an accommodation allowance of $40 per night from 21 September 2020 plus a travel allowance to eligible and approved applicants.

Funding amounts

An approved applicant can apply for:

An accommodation allowance of $40 per night ($280 week) for each night living away from home to take up eligible employment in regional area, up to a maximum of 12 weeks.


A one-off travel allowance with the payment amount based on the region in which they have taken up employment being:

  • an allowance of $150 to eligible applicants taking up employment in the Peel, South West, Great Southern, Wheatbelt, Mid-West and Goldfields-Esperance regions.
  • an allowance of $350 to eligible applicants taking up employment in the Gascoyne or Pilbara regions.
  • an allowance of $500 to eligible applicants taking up employment in the Kimberley region.
Regional Agriculture, Tourism & Hospitality Workers Travel and Accommodation Support Scheme


  • Rebate of up to $3360 for accommodation costs
  • Relocation and travel allowance of up to $500
  • $40 per night accommodation rebate

Who can apply for funding

A person living in Western Australia who:

  • has the right to work in Australia; but
  • is not in Australia as a Working Holiday Maker, Seasonal Worker Program or Pacific Labour Scheme participant;
  • has relocated more than 100 kilometres from their usual home address to take up an employment opportunity in regional WA.
  • has taken up employment in an eligible agriculture, fisheries and food processing job for a primary producer, a labour hire or contracting business since the 9 September 2020.
  • has worked for at least 2 consecutive weeks for the same employer in regional WA;
  • has met all other criteria outlined in these guidelines.

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