Market Access TPP Update 21 – 01/09/17

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Market Access Update 21
Tomato-potato psyllid (TPP) complex
This update contains information specific to tomato-potato psyllid (TPP) and Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum (CLso) interstate movement conditions.
Interstate movement conditions

DPIRD has not been informed of any recent changes to interstate movement conditions.
Check movement conditions

When exporting quarantine risk material to another state or territory, it is the responsibility of the exporter to ensure they have met the movement conditions of the jurisdiction they are exporting to. If you intend to move produce into more than one state or territory, you must check the movement conditions for each.
How you do it

Check to find out what movement conditions apply to your produce either by:
 Contacting or checking the website of the plant quarantine regulator in the state or territory that the produce are being moved to. Contact details and links to websites are provided on the Australian Interstate Quarantine plant quarantine regulator contacts page: http://www.interstatequarantine.org.au/producers/committees/quarantine-regulators/
 contacting Quarantine WA (QWA): (08) 9334 1800 or qa@agric.wa.gov.au
Snapshot of current TPP movement conditions
 The link below is a snapshot of TPP and CLso movement conditions (current 01 September) only; it does not include entry conditions for other pests (e.g. green snail and Mediterranean fruit fly).
 Interstate movement conditions change regularly. Please check the latest relevant jurisdictions plant material and produce requirements.
 For some movement conditions where a jurisdiction allows for treatment, no treatment options have been approved by that jurisdiction.

Market access update 21 tomato potato psyllid complex 01 September 2017 final

Contacts for growers
VegetablesWA Phone: 08 9481 0834 Email: office@vegetableswa.com.au
Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, WA
For export requirements and certification enquires contact: Quarantine WA Phone: (08) 9334 1800 Email: qa@agric.wa.gov.au
For market access enquires contact: TPP Market Access Phone: (08) 9368 3224 Email: tpp-marketaccess@agric.wa.gov.au

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