Market Access Update 7 TPP – 31/05/17

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The Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia (DAFWA) is the lead agency in control and containment measures for tomato potato psyllid (TPP).
This update contains information specific to those industries affected by TPP and Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum (CLso) interstate trade movement restrictions. For more general information on TPP or for intrastate movement advice, please visit agric.wa.gov.au/tpp

DAFWA’s market access team is continuing to meet weekly with representatives from affected industries.

Interstate entry conditions
South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales are in the process of amending their entry conditions after an ‘in-principle agreement’ to remove import conditions on dormant nursery stock, fruit of pome and stone fruit; provided they are free of leafy materials including calyx, was achieved.

In response to the impact on market access for commodities currently experiencing movement restrictions, a teleconference with all jurisdictions is scheduled for Thursday 1 June, 2017 to finalise any issues relating to the ‘in-principle agreements’ reached.

DAFWA staff are working closely with the other jurisdictions to support this process and any changes to entry conditions will be communicated to industry as soon as practicable.

Once other jurisdictions have amended their entry conditions for commodities that require inspection, inspections will conducted by Quarantine WA.
Bookings for inspection can be arranged by contacting Quarantine WA on (08) 9334 1800. Please note that inspections are only conducted during normal business hours Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

DAFWA is developing an Authorised Inspection Person (TPP) training course for national approval in order for businesses to undertake inspections on behalf of DAFWA. Industry representatives have been engaged in this process and will be kept updated on its status.

Please check the latest interstate trade requirements in relation to plant material and produce. Full details of the entry conditions are updated on the NSW, Victorian and South Australian department websites.

If growers have crops ready for immediate export, please advise DAFWA and Market Access team at TPP-MarketAccess@agric.wa.gov.au

Check and report
Commercial horticulture producers, particularly in regional areas, are urged to check for signs of the psyllid and report via MyPestGuide Reporter app, email or phone.

On-farm biosecurity practices, such as good farm hygiene and early reporting of suspicious symptoms should be in place to prevent the entry, establishment and spread of pests and diseases. Practical advice and information to assist producers – including a monthly e-newsletter, videos, manuals and record sheets – is available through the Farm Biosecurity website.

Industry contacts for growers
Phone: 08 9481 0834
Email: office@vegetableswa.com.au

Department of Agriculture and Food, WA
Marc Poole
Phone: 08 9368 3224
Email: marc.poole@agric.wa.gov.au

Pest and Disease Information Service
Phone: 1800 084 881
Email: info@agric.wa.gov.au

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