Market Access Update TPP 15 – 12/07/17

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Changes to Victoria TPP movement conditions

Victoria has approved a new ‘Tomato-potato psyllid and Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum host plant treatment and entry conditions Updated Notice 11 July 2017’.

At the time of DPIRD issuing this Market Access Update 15 (12/07/17), it was not available on the Agriculture Victoria website. Industries are encouraged to check the Victorian website for the update.

The notice contains significant changes including the removal of restrictions from the following ‘Category 2’ plant products:

 fresh fruit/vegetables, including stone fruit, topped carrots and pome fruit, provided they are free from leaves, calyx or other attached green material, and
 dormant trees without foliage or fruit attached.

Victoria has informed DPIRD staff the changes are effective immediately.

General advice for growers
Interstate trade import requirements
When exporting quarantine risk material to another state or territory, it is the responsibility of the exporter to ensure they have met the quarantine requirements of the jurisdiction they are exporting to.

Please check the latest interstate trade requirements in relation to plant material and produce. Details of the entry conditions are updated on the NSW, Victorian and South Australian department websites.

To request a copy of the ‘Export Requirements and Certification Request’ form, please email qa@agric.wa.gov.au

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