Market Access Update TPP 14 – 06/07/17

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Changes to interstate TPP movement conditions
Strawberry fruit can now move into Victoria subject to certification by the department, as being inspected and packed under secure conditions.
Victoria has advised that pome fruit (apples, pears) can move into the state without restriction, provided they are free from green vegetative materials.
Victoria has advised a range of additional plant families to the TPP conditionally restricted list.
Below is a full list of the Victorian category two plant families (new additions noted in green text):

Restricted plants (Victoria only) Common example plants in this family
Amaranthaceae beetroot
Apiaceae carrot
Asparagaceae asparagus
Asclepiadaceae milkweeds
Asteraceae lettuce and chrysanthemum
Boraginaceae borage
Brassicaceae Brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage
Caprifoliaceae honeysuckle
Chenopodiaceae spinach
Cupressaceae juniper
Ephedraceae Ephedra spp.
Ericaceae cranberry, blueberry, huckleberry, rhododendron, azaleas
Fabaceae peas and beans
Garryaceae Silk tassel family
Grossulariaceae blackcurrant, redcurrant, white currant
Malvaceae okra and cotton
Oleaceae olive, ash, jasmine, lilac
Pinaceae pine trees
Plantaginaceae some types of cut flowers
Poaceae corn
Polygonaceae buckwheat
Ranunculaceae buttercup
Rosaceae apples, stone fruit, pears and strawberries
Salicaceae willow trees
Sapindaceae maple, ackee, horse chestnut and lychee
Violaceae flowers such as violets
Vitaceae grape
Zygophyllaceae caltrop

New South Wales

NSW published a new control order that now excludes fruit or vegetables that do not have attached to them any leaves, green calyx or other green plant material from any control measures for tomato-potato psyllid.

Strawberries are not excluded material because they have a large green calyx, however packhouse strawberries can now move into New South Wales subject to certification by the department as being inspected and packed under secure conditions.

A copy of the order can be found here.

Protocol update and progress report

Inspection ICA (Strawberries)

ICA protocol preparation completed. We are awaiting endorsement from other jurisdictions.

Washing ICA (Leafy vegetables)

ICA protocol preparation completed and sent to the other jurisdictions for comment and endorsements.

Nursery stock treatment ICA

Protocols for treatment and inspection of non-TPP host nursery stock have been completed.

General advice for growers

State import conditions

Please check the latest interstate trade requirements in relation to plant material and produce. Full details of the entry conditions are updated on the NSW, Victorian and South Australian department websites.

Exporting cut flowers

There have been a number of queries from growers of cut flowers regarding export requirements. When exporting quarantine risk material to another States and Territories, it is the responsibility of the exporter to ensure they have met the quarantine requirements of the jurisdiction they are sending the produce.

If quarantine risk material is consigned to another States and Territories without meeting their import requirements, the exporter runs the risk of the consignment being sent back or destroyed at the exporters’ expense.

Export requests must be made in writing to Quarantine WA and lodged prior to booking an inspector. To request a copy of the ‘Export Requirements and Certification Request’ form, please email qa@agric.wa.gov.au

Check and report

Commercial horticulture producers, particularly in regional areas, are urged to check for signs of the psyllid and report via the MyPestGuide Reporter app, email or phone.

On-farm biosecurity practices, such as good farm hygiene and early reporting of suspicious symptoms should be in place to prevent the entry, establishment and spread of pests and diseases. Practical advice and information to assist producers – including a monthly

e-newsletter, videos, manuals and record sheets – is available through the Farm Biosecurity website farmbiosecurity.com.au

Industry contacts for growers

Phone: 08 9481 0834
Email: office@vegetableswa.com.au

Department of Agriculture and Food, WA
Graeme Lukeis
Phone: 08 9368 3071
Email: graeme.lukeis@agric.wa.gov.au

Pest and Disease Information Service
Phone: 1800 084 881
Email: info@agric.wa.gov.au

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