New program to grow WA Horticulture businesses

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  • WA State Government invests $800,000 towards boosting the performance of WA horticulture industry
  • Building Sustainable Horticulture Businesses Capacity Program to deliver high-quality business consultancy and coaching to strengthen and improve short and long-term business profitability

An innovative new program to drive the short and long-term profitability of Western Australia’s horticulture businesses was launched today.

The Building Horticulture Businesses Capacity Program (BHBC) will offer participants a range of support around key business decisions to boost business resilience and farm management practices.

Program manager Bryn Edwards said the current environment, in which growers operate, is marked with increasing complexity, competition and rapid pace of change.

“We have seen suppliers, supermarket chains, market agents and financial institutions all advancing their business management practices, adopting supportive technologies, and accessing an increasing level of detailed information and data that often leaves many individual horticulture business owners at a significant disadvantage,” he said.

“This program seeks to close the gap for growers by exposing them to key data, metrics and management practises to make more decisions on their own terms.”

According to Mr Edwards, the program would reduce the number of unknowns for horticulture business owners and provide information and insights to meet and respond to the demands of the current and future environment.

“This program will give growers a clear edge,” he said.

“In a previous benchmarking project, we found that many growers could quickly find gains that take $40,000 to $80,000 out of their annual operating expenses.

“But there are greater gains to be had and this time we plan to go deeper with participants, linking business and financial management to actual business performance, in terms of profitability and longer-term asset growth.”

BSHBCP builds from the successful benchmarking project undertaken by vegetableWA, extending services to provide participants with:

  • Independent third-party review of business performance
  • Anonymous comparison against industry averages and best performance
  • Expert review and suggestions on current business and financial management practice
  • Opportunity to further develop farm management practices

Mr Edwards said participation was straightforward, with a commitment of six to eight hours each year on the part of the business owner.

“We come to your farm, work closely with you and the information that you have, while maintaining absolute confidentiality,” he said.

“This is the same level of expert support that has significantly strengthened farms in other profitable agricultural sectors, particularly WA broadacre.”

The program, which is exclusively open to horticulture business owners within WA, is a collaboration between the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, Hort Innovation, APC Vegetable Producers’ Committee, APC Pome Producers’ Committee and will be delivered by vegetablesWA in partnership with expert farm management consultants Planfarm.

More Information

 Visit – www.buildingwahorticulture.com.au

 Bryn Edwards

Building Horticulture Business Capacity Program Manager

T: 08 9486 7515

E: bryn.edwards@vegetableswa.com.au