Each crop has unique water needs, just as each of our growers have unique water requirements based on their produce and location. For the most up-to-date information on best irrigation practices, visit the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development website.

Evaporation based irrigation schedulingMeasuring delivery of Drip Irrigation Systems
Case Study

Tomatoes and Drip
Irrigation in Sandy Soils

Su Tran – a Carnarvon tomato grower has learnt and benefited from using different soil moisture monitoring devices. Over the years, Su has learnt to understand the soil moisture dynamic and combining different tools to assist his irrigation decisions.
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Water Allocation & Industry Updates

Water allocation plans outline how much water can be taken from groundwater and surface water resources, while safeguarding the sustainability of the resource and protecting the water-dependent environment.

Carnarvon Water Allocation informationGingin & Gnangarra Water Allocation informationSouth West Water Allocation informationAccess to the latest Water Licencing information

Water Reform is a topic which requires significant policy and advocacy work which is undertaken by our CEO. If you have a water issue please contact him. For details from the Dept of Water website click here

Water Testing

Understanding the properties of water is essential to providing the foundation for plant growth and maximising yields.

You need to find a provider who can provide independent advice and will:

  • Collect water samples with submission to NATA certified labs
  • Interpret results for water samples
  • Prepare easy to read reports that highlight problems and suggest solutions
  • Provide a scheduled monitoring service
  • Submit required reports to regulatory authorities

If you are unsure who to contact, contact us to provide some further assistance