Review of the Declared Pests of WA – Industry and Community Consultation

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DAFWA is required to periodically review the categories of declared pests under the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007 (BAM Act).

This requirement for review was also identified in the 2013 report prepared by the Office of Auditor General for invasive species control in Western Australia, and by the Western Australian Biosecurity Council.

The review is being undertaken in three stages:

  1. Technical review
  2. Stakeholder Reference Group review
  3. Industry and community consultation

The first two of these stages are complete.  You are now invited in Stage 3 to comment on the outcomes of the first two stages.

The Department will make recommendations to the Minister on the revised declaration status of declared pests considering all assessments and consultation comments.

The scope of the review is all declared weeds and vertebrate pests in Western Australia, excluding those recently added.

The criteria for assessment are explained in the attached Review of the Declared Pests of Western Australia – Position Paper.

The technical review (Stage 1) was undertaken by experienced Departmental staff following formal assessment processes and with internal peer review.

The Stakeholder Reference Group (Stage 2) consisted of representatives from of biosecurity groups, local & state government, industry groups, community groups and producers.

What are you required to do?

You will find the spreadsheet – Review of the Declared Pests of WA – 20160718 with the current recommended declaration status based on Stage 2 of the review process.

For each species of interest to you, you are asked to either AGREE or otherwise COMMENT on the Stage 2 recommendation if you disagree.

Please provide your response on the form below in a return email.  Your response needs to be completed and returned by 29th July 2016.

Specific technical assessment reports can be provided on request.

Please direct any enquiries to:

David Kessell at David.Kessell@agric.wa.gov.au or 9363 4028  or  Kirsty Moynihan on 9368 3834.

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