Revised entry conditions to NSW & VIC for a range of vegetable products

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Information on the revised New South Wales and Victorian entry conditions for tomato potato psyllid (TPP) host products.  The revised entry conditions also have a revised host range.

Below is the host families that will require certification by the Department that the product meets the new entry conditions:

Amaranthaceae, Asclepiadaceae, Asteraceae, Brassicaceae, Chenopodiaceae, Convolvulaceae, Cupressaceae, Fabaceae, Lamiaceae (formerly Menthaceae), Malvaceae, Pinaceae, Plantaginaceae, Poaceae, Polygonaceae, Ranunculaceae, Rosaceae, Salicaceae, Solanaceae, Violaceae or Zygophyllaceae

New South Wales:
Amaranthaceae, Asclepiadaceae, Asteraceae, Brassicaceae, Chenopodiaceae, Convolvulaceae, Fabaceae, Lamiaceae, Malvaceae, Menthaceae, Pinaceae, Polygonaceae, Ranunculaceae, Rosaceae, Salicaceae, Scrophulariaceae, Solanaceae, Poaceae, Violaceae, Zygophyllaceae; and

  • any commercially produced plant, but not a part of a plant; and
  • any fresh cut flowers, herbs or leafy vegetables.

At this stage South Australia, Queensland, Tasmania and the Northern Territory have not updated their entry conditions for TPP host but this may change.  The current TPP entry conditions for Solanaceae and Convolvulaceae families to these states still remains in effect.

For further information please contact the Quarantine WA Exports Officer on 08 9334 1800 or email qwa_qa@agric.wa.gov.au.

DAFWA Communication NSW & VIC Host Product 30/03/17

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