Revised requirements for interstate exports of Green snail host materials to SA in 2017

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South Australia (SA) have informed the Department of Agriculture and Food of changes to entry requirements for Green snail (Cantareus apertus) host material from Western Australia which will come into effect from 14 March  2017.

Biosecurity SA has designated the entire state of Western Australia (WA) a risk zone for Green snail.

New definition of Green snail host material

The new SA plant quarantine standard defines Green snail host material as:

  • soil, plants and plant material (including cuttings and bare rooted plants but not bare-rooted trees provided they have no leaves and fruit)
  • leafy vegetables, peas, beans, asparagus, strawberries and strawberry plants
  • cut flowers
  • turf
  • hay, straw and other baled fodder

and provides guidelines on relevant entry requirements for WA produce.

Helix aperta  green snail found Petrich, Dalety Road, Middle Swan

Image courtesy of DAFWA

Common Snail left, Green snail middle, White Italian Snail right

Entry requirement guidelines for WA produce to SA

Growers within 2km of known infestations will still be required to demonstrate 3 months of freedom from green snails by monthly baiting, and 3 inspections during the green snail activity period (April to November inclusive).

However, in contrast to the previous standard which enabled the certification (without inspection) of produce grown more than 25km from a known infestation of green snails, the new standard considers all properties in Western Australia as a green snail risk.

As a result, all Western Australian growers will now be required to bait their properties, and be inspected by DAFWA to enable certification for export to SA.

Contact the department

To help ensure inspectors are available to meet industry demand for certification for produce to SA, please contact the department if you grow green snail host produce as listed above.

DAFWA is urgently seeking information from growers of green snail host products currently exporting to, or considering exporting to South Australia including:

  • the size of your property, and
  • if a mixed-use property, the proportion of your property on which you grow host products.

Please contact

Dr Ian Wilkinson
0459 846 705
08 9780 6278


Dr David Windsor
08 9780 6287

More information here DAFWA Website

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