The West Australian Horticulture Update (WAHU)


On Thursday,  November 04, 2021, representatives from multiple industries and growers from across the state gathered at the Optus Stadium to hear the highly anticipated updates from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

The West Australian Horticulture Update covered multiple critical topics to the industry, such as; plastics & packaging, workforce solutions, building horticulture business capacity, safe work practices and mental health.

vegetablesWA Chief Executive Officer Manus Stockdale said it was great to see growers members participating in this event. It is vital that growers come along and have their say, and it goes a long way in driving the industry to change. I am thrilled that vegetablesWA staff member Bryn Edwards presented the Building Horticulture Business Capacity Program. This project

“I was pleased to see so many stakeholders from multiple industries attend the WAHU including a good number of growers who had an opportunity to share their views and insights,” he said

It was fantastic to see a vegetablesWA project presented at the event which demonstrates some of the good work that we are doing to support the industry.”

The main point to take away from the event was that sustainability is critical for the industry’s progression. Outside influences are driving the industry, and it is key that everybody gets on board to ensure we can reach the Federal Governments sustainability goals.