This week the second annual Meet the Buyer trade exhibition was hosted by Buy West Eat Best. The event was an opportunity for Western Australian businesses to showcase their premium food and beverages to domestic and international markets.

vegetablesWA took part as an exhibitor this year and showcased the vegetable industry in Western Australia, the role of the Association and displayed a range of superb produce from Loose Leaf Lettuce, Love Apple and WA Corn Growers. We want to take this opportunity to thank those who contributed produce for the display.

vegetablesWA CEO Stephen Brown said it was a fantastic opportunity to promote the vegetable industry in WA and their produce to domestic and international markets.

“It was great seeing growers and food producers promote their brands and products at the event. It is a huge opportunity for WA food producers to network and meet with buyers and suppliers, and seeing growers and industry stakeholders partake in the event is excellent. We will be participating in the event next year and look forward to showcasing the industry and more of our member’s produce.”

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