This week, Regional Development Officer, Michael Bartholomew visited Carnarvon to talk with growers about the wins and challenges of growing in Carnarvon. The key takeaways included; that growers continue to face issues with disease and labour. However, there were some big positives, such as DPIRD running some promising variety trials, and a number of growers have indicated their huge success with increasing their fruit quality and decreasing fertiliser costs with better soil microbial management.

Michael is hoping to mirror the success of soil microbial management in Carnarvon, by running a trial in the South West growing regions in which he hopes will help growers to reduce costly fertiliser applications. If you would like to get involved or learn more about this activity run through the VegNet project, please get in contact with Michael Bartholomew on 0427 373 037 or email michael.bartholomew@vegetableswa.com.au

A huge thank you to Scott Brain from Field Capacity, Annie and Giao from DPIRD and the Carnarvon Grower’s Association for the feedback and insight.