vegetablesWA Trip to Manjimup – Cover Cropping & Strip-Tillage Field Walk

This week, Potatolink and Soilwealth, with the assistance of vegetablesWA and AHR, held a discussion and field walk on two grower properties in the Manjimup area. Dr Kelvin Montagu and Steph Tabone spearheaded the discussions, which featured cover cropping, Bio-fumigation, Soil biology and Chemistry, and strip tillage.

vegetablesWA Regional Development officer said the discussion and demonstrations were informative and helpful for our grower members. Seeing such a significant turnout was excellent, particularly as the speakers travelled from Sydney.

“It was great to see such a huge turnout for the event. I’m glad that growers are taking part and showing interest in these exciting and interesting topics,” he said.

A huge thanks to Jake Ryan and Andrew Falcinella for allowing the event to be held on their properties. If you have any interest in the topics featured in the discussions, please don’t hesitate to contact vegetablesWA Regional Development Officer Michael Bartholomew via email michael.bartholomew@vegetableswa.com.au or call 0427 373 037.