WA Growers joining forces to beat the rising cost of growing.

In a first for Western Australia, fruit and vegetable growers have joined forces in an innovative business improvement and benchmarking program to help growers in the race to stay profitable in the face of rising costs.

The WA vegetable industry now boasts five years of benchmark data that demonstrates that while balance sheets have strengthened over the years, operating efficiency has remained unaddressed, resulting in a struggle for growers to make consistent returns on their assets given the recent sharp rise in input costs.

Despite this, a pattern is emerging among some growers that are opposing this trend who, with the support offered by the project, are showing the way forward by generating strong returns and profits from their efforts.

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WA Horticulture Industry Analysis Findings

vegetablesWA’s Bryn Edwards and Planfarms Paul Omodei (Planfarm) talk through all the key findings and trends within the industry averages and benchmarks produced from the Building Horticulture Capacity Program.

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